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    Get inspired by the stories from DARE group members.

  • Dare User

    It’s so surreal to be writing a story about how I have learned to love my anxiety

    Well naturally I have over thought the first sentence to this story more than I should have, so anxiety is obviously still my friend! It’s...

  • Dare Success Team

    My success story.

    It took a long time for me to write It took a long time for me to write this as I am not sure whether it is the right time for sharing. Anyway,...

  • Dare Success Team

    This took lots of practice and just the complete understanding that anxiety is harmless

    My anxiety started during a very stressful period in my life. I started showing signs of high stress around July 2018. I wasn’t taking care of...

  • Dare Success Team

    I couldn’t stop crying, there were so many intrusive thoughts going through my head

    Anxiety has been something I’ve dealt with since I was 9, I didn’t know what it was at the time, I just know that it started after my...

  • Dare Success Team

    I’m trapped in this fear, in my mind or a body that’s not mine.

    Before I go into my success story I want you all to read these two passages so you can try to begin understanding what my life was like...

  • Dare Success Team

    After 55 years of anxious suffering, I’m free

    This is my experience with “Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks” by Barry McDonagh. I don’t remember exactly when...

  • Dare Success Team

    Acacia’s Story

    Anxiety does not discriminate by gender or age, and this young lady is so very lucky to have found these tools early in her life. She seems...

  • Dare Success Team

    My What Ifs Became EVEN IFS

    My first panic attack happened at work. I was in my office alone and out of the blue I felt like an elephant was on my chest. Having never felt...

  • Dare Success Team

    Virginia’s victories, from daily life to life altering changes

    Virginia’s victories: Virginia is a real Dare trooper. She is a lovely lady who has amazing grit. She will not stop and she will not be pushed...

  • Dare Success Team

    When I first start reading DARE, which was the first time I felt I wasn’t alone

    My anxiety started when I was 22 years old when I was in medical school. The crazy weird sensations, the depersonalization, the unreality...

  • Dare Success Team

    I became a DARE machine

    https://youtu.be/4zxvY6NcAlw Our Dare community is filled with positive stories like these.  If you have not done so yet, don’t hesitate to...

  • Dare Success Team

    What’s really helped me on this journey is not having any excuses and a no BS positive attitude.

    In February, my second month using DARE I scheduled a 4-day 3-night trip away to Savannah Georgia. I was so nervous and prayed I’d feel...

  • Dare Success Team

    I’m Living The Dream

    Hey everyone! I initially thought I’d wait until I would write my success story before posting this but I’m having a moment right now and I...

  • Dare Success Team

    I Swore To Myself I Would Never Fly Again

    Pre Honeymoon Ten years ago, almost exactly, was the last time I was on an airplane. At that time I had had a few panic attacks, but mostly in...

  • Dare Success Team

    Anxiety Won’t Be Ruling My Life Anymore

    Not many people would know or realise this about me, as everyone always says I’m so chatty and confident but I’ve suffered from anxiety for...

  • Dare Success Team

    The Anxious Adventurer

    Hello, my name is Tessa Sayers. I am 35, mom to two adorable Havanese dogs and recently married to my husband Jeremy. I am founder, owner and...

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks while shopping, driving or at work?