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My success story.

It took a long time for me to write

It took a long time for me to write this as I am not sure whether it is the right time for sharing. Anyway, I decided to share with you my journey to encourage you all, the seekers of peace and joy.

Anxiety paid me a visit a year ago. We know it: insomnia, wild thoughts, loads of what ifs, doubts, tiredness… I decided to take up this journey without any medication and relied on the experience of all those who had walked this path before me.

I started studying the DARE book, became the part of the Facebook group and received a lot of personal support from Suzane. I knew it would be better if I continued in my work. That was really a challenge as I am a teacher in a grammar school. I was determined to “Dare away “and I did.

First, I read and re-read the book

First, I read and re-read the book – to get to know that anxiety is exhaustion of my nervous system rather than a mental illness was a huge relief for me. I tried my best to imply all the DARE steps and suggestions into my daily practice. I did physical exercise (jogging, cycling, walking), drank recommended amount of water, took Calcium, Magnesium and Vit D, reduced a large amount of work and social duties and learned how to be kind, patient and compassionate with myself.

I became quite good at A-R-E, didn´t know exactly what to do with D (defuse) so I ignored it. Then in Dare Advanced Facebook group, Suzane mentioned in her post how important this step was. It is not the first step just by coincidence. If we learn how to defuse the thoughts properly the moment they appear, then another three steps may not be needed.
Nevertheless, the process seemed to be very slow – probably because I wanted to get rid of anxiety so much!

Then in our Facebook group conversation I found some hints about meditation. Being religious I had to overcome my fear of getting out of my religious box and open up to the more universal spiritual knowledge. That was an important milestone in my journey. These months I am doing my simple 20-minute stillness sessions twice a day (Tom Cronin is a wonderful teacher) which keeps my mind more focused, gives me more energy, teaches me not to react to everything from the outside…When anxious thoughts come, I know what to do.

Once, Suzane said that the life after her recovery was so much better that she didn´t regret all the difficulties she had to go through. Many others say the same.

I believe these things happen to us on purpose, it is to live our life fully. I want to thank all of you who accompanied me on my journey to recovery with your patience, understanding, encouragement and love.


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  • Thank you for sharing that,
    I think this quote in your story is so powerful, “I believe these things happen to us on purpose, it is to live our life fully. “

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