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What’s really helped me on this journey is not having any excuses and a no BS positive attitude.

In February, my second month using DARE I scheduled a 4-day 3-night trip away to Savannah Georgia. I was so nervous and prayed I’d feel better, so I could enjoy it…

Today my boyfriend I made the 10-hour drive. At first, I had some rampant thoughts and the derealization that made me question things and tried to bring me back in the loop. But after a couple hours of it toying with me on and off I enjoyed the ride and forgot all about my anxiety.

We just made it down here and I could cry I’m so happy. The fact that 7 months ago I went off anxiety medication not knowing what would happen and seriously having the worst anxiety of my life (after having it for 17 years). But 2 months later I found my saving grace Barry.

What’s really helped me on this journey is not having any excuses and a no BS positive attitude. The last month has been the best because I have eliminated the fear. I’m even having a thought or two now but the second I get them they buzz off because they know I don’t care!

In my last picture I highlighted my favorite quote of the book that has honestly been my most read. I’m on my way to recovery now because I am able to do everything regardless of sensations or thoughts and know that eventually they will pass, but for the mean time they can tag along!

P.S. that self-doubt, that voice in your head that says you’ll never get better, and you’re crazy… whatever that voice says don’t believe it. Know that I and many others still occasionally have that voice, the difference is now we don’t let it define us.

Update on the trip! I had an amazing time. We had to go to a presentation because this was a “free” trip for a travel company and we had to say our names and answer questions in front of a small group of people. My boyfriend’s heart rate spiked to 140! (He has minor anxiety and hates talking around new people) I on the other hand participated for both of us with only a normal amount of nerves.

(Kaitlin second push through moment…)

Hello beautiful people!

I’m so happy to finally be at a place where I actually LOVE my anxiety, yes, I said I Love it! It’s the best.

What finally clicked and when I started to see things change is when I was able to truly accept it, be its friend and change the way I talked to/ about my anxiety.

This took a lot of practice!!! I’m in my head all day everyday correcting my thoughts. I don’t just dare “sometimes” I dare almost continually through the day. Some days less sometimes more…

I still am having sensations, but I barely even notice them, and yes, I still get a pesky thought or new feeling that are inevitably trying to say “Hey remember that one time when I scared you”. But when it comes in now I can immediately feel it naturally flow away because DARE has started to become ingrained in my membrane! I may have a setback, but I don’t care because I won’t allow fear to set in anymore.

Also, very important, don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s! We are all so different, but you will definitely get out what you put in. So, put in positivity, put in hope and put in the constant work and light will start to continually shine through!

Also special thanks to Suzane is constantly inspiring me to be a better person!

You got this everyone


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  • Very inspiring Kaitlin . I think you are doing a great job . Everyone deserves to be happy. And you are an inspiration to me and many others. . Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Kudos to you Kaitlin! Always so refreshing when you find you’re not alone. I felt as if I was reading my own story! Along with what I have learned from DARE, I always have the following mantra playing in the back of my head…..feel the fear and do it anyway (Malia Yoga). Especially helpful during travel 🙂
    Keep that head up and live life to the fullest!!

  • Hi, I’m a newbie!

    Had anxiety for a good 12 years. I’ve just started reading the book and I’m in awe of your post. I can only imagine right now what it must feel like to not be scared!

    Thank you for your post, it’s so encouraging x

  • WOW what an amazing story!!!!! I too am carrying on regardless of sensations and loving life. We’re proof that dare really does work and really is a life changer!!!!!

  • This is Brilliant Kaitlin. Very inspiring. Thanks a million for sharing this. Wishing you All the very best for the Future..


  • Well done Kaitlin. You have encouraged me a lot. Good to hear I can tuckle fear and win this battle.

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